La Caida

by Viviana González Méndez, from Saturday, March 16, 2024.

The artist starts the thread winder at 11 am, the process of the falling stones can be seen until 11 pm. Introduction by Dr. Verena Jendrus at 5 pm.The exhibition can be seen until April 5, 2024.

An installation with floating stones can be seen in the exhibition with the title La Caida. All the stones are connected to each other by a thread, which is released by a thread winder. The stones gradually fall onto a metal plate. The falling of the stones is reminiscent of the ticking of a clock; time seems to pass, to run out, possibly even the time we have available to us to herald a change for our climate. What remains is the sound of the stones, which can be heard in the space as a sound installation. Another work developed by the artist especially for the art space is a drawing created by drops of water. In this case Viviana González Méndez extends her personal space from Baden, her home in Switzerland, to Stuttgart to the river Neckar.

Photo Credits: Viviana González-Méndez